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Moll AGM

MOLL batteries in AGM technology meet the highest requirements in Start-Stop/Micro Hybrid applications. Their cutting-edge technology give AGM batteries a cyclic lifetime that is even longer than that of EFB batteries (more than three times of a classic battery!). It is also of advantage in vehicles where the battery is especially challenged by many electric consumers with high current demand (park heating, comfortable infotainment, windshield heating, or usage as stationary battery in industrial applications). As the acid is entirely absorbed by a glass mat, MOLL’s AGM battery is absolutely leakage-proof in all installation places and even when the box is damaged.

  • De AGM Start-Stop Batterij voor de hoogste vereisten.
  • Levensduur meer dan 3 keer tov een standaard batterij.
  • Extreme prestaties.
  • Voor voertuigen met electrische verbruikers.


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